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    • MARCH 2, 2011
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    Some Mardi Gras Beads To Have Condoms Attached

    Thousands of Mardi Gras beads will be loaded with condoms in Soulard this year.  They’re  part of an   “in your face”  attempt  to fight sexually transmitted diseases  in St. Louis. Those behind the effort told Fox 2 Tuesday night, that it was far from being “over the top”. For one thing, the “condom beads” will

    • AUGUST 27, 2010
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    Maturing Swingers at Overwhelming Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk

    Middle-aged lover swappers are generally more prone to end up contaminated as compared to prostitutes a new Dutch scientific study has found. All those untamed and even crazy evenings could be catching up with swingers while they get older, brand-new research found. Numerous not related medical related research has observed the fact that swingers aka-

    • DECEMBER 12, 2009
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    Personal Maturity and its Influence Over Sex Decisions

    It would seem that as we get older in age and more mature due to life experiences, we would be more conscientious about decisions we make. As sound of an idea as this is, it just is not the way it works for a good percentage of people. Ironically, this occurs less frequently for those

    • JUNE 17, 2008
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    STD Classifications

    Bacterial Syphilis Chancroid Gonorrhoea Lymphogranuloma venereum Non-gonococcal urethritis Non-specific genital infection Donovanosis (Granuloma inguinale) Viral Hepatitis B Genital wart HIV infection Herpes genitalis Cytomegalovirus Fungal Scabies Trichomoniasis Candidiasis (Moniliasis) Parasitic Pediculosis pubic

    • APRIL 16, 2008
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    Chronic Change as well as Cure regarding Syphilis

    Babies delivered at birth with syphilis often have brain damages or perhaps be fatally infected. Babies might also suffer deformities, the loss of hearing or rash. Men and women in latest stages connected with syphilis might develop neurosyphilis, causing acute destruction of central nervous system or loss of life. HIV ALERT: People infected by syphilis

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