Personal Maturity and its Influence Over Sex Decisions

It would seem that as we get older in age and more mature due to life experiences, we would be more conscientious about decisions we make. As sound of an idea as this is, it just is not the way it works for a good percentage of people. Ironically, this occurs less frequently for those which are sexually active than those who choose to abstain from sex entirely.

So, what the heck is all this talk about STD Testing that we hear from our friends, our families, the news, Oprah, movies we watch, advertisements and from our government? What is it about screening for disease and illnesses that has everyone all stirred up?

Well, the simple answer is something most of us started to learn about around the age of puberty through sex education classes if they were offered at school. The basic lessons that were taught during that subject was to: 1)Get educated about sex, 2)Get comfortable with our body, 3)Choose between abstinence, self masturbation and/ or using protection (condom) if having sex with a partner, and 4)Learn about infectious diseases including how one can catch and pass on a sexually transmitted infection to another.

Perhaps in all of us, there is that voice of regret or shame of not making the right choices due to being so in the mood and turned on by the person we had shared ourselves with. We don’t want to put ourselves down and double guess if we did the right things. So many of us do the most natural human thing, which is to move on. However, there is left in us that seed of doubt as to “What if?” and “Did I make a mistake?”.

Some people end up in a toxic cycle of bad decision after the next for years. It’s hard to stop a moving train especially when people throw up defense mechanisms to protect what they know is the truth. On the contrary, those of us who have matured to the point of taking responsibility for our own shortcomings have taken positive steps in our life and have also chosen to pass on the good lessons to others who may need it too.

It is these people that are steadfast faithful supporters of STD Testing, sex education and all other ideas that revolve around keeping our communities healthier and more alive. “The secret” these folks know is that personal accountability and self respect goes a lot further than yourself. It touches everyone you come into contact with, especially when sexual intimacy comes into play.

So the next time you are considering to be promiscuous, keep the words and voices of wisdom close to you. Make the choice that is best for you, but do it in a manner that makes you feel proud and allows you to feel good about yourself as well as the person you are with. Keep your own health strong and be sure what your status is on diseases and infections caused by sex. Get regular STD Testing so you can remove doubt and be confident that you are not carrying std’s nor passing them on to your sexual partners.

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