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Here at Same Day STD Testing our primary concern is your health and well-being.

Too often, the people who need STD testing most are unable to access convenient, timely, safe, accurate, and confidential testing facilities. Sometimes they simply can’t find a lab nearby, or one that performs all of the tests they require; other times, their doctor might not be able to see them for several weeks and, as such, can’t write the necessary orders for STD testing. Still, some people might not even have a doctor at all.

Many times patients wish to keep STD tests private and off of their permanent health record. After all, everyone wants to keep insurance premiums down, and no one wants to pay any additional out-of-pocket insurance costs. Others have no desire to stand in line for hours at the free clinic to get less-than-accurate results in a less-than-timely fashion. Worst of all, many people fear the shame associated with seeking out this vital service, never get tested, and therefore run the risk of serious health issues.

That’s where we come in . . .

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the safest, most accurate and most timely STD testing options in the medical field in a confidential and discreet way. No hassle with having to fill out tedious paperwork at the lab and no struggling with insurance forms. In addition, you won’t face any awkward questions in front of a crowd of strangers. And lastly, you’ll get the results of your test back ASAP –– we won’t leave you holding the bag for weeks on end.

After all, STD testing shouldn’t be something that causes more stress and worry than the STDs themselves!

What’s more, we  strive to educate and inform as many people as we can about the importance of quality STD testing and the subsequent dangers of living with untreated STDs.

Our consultations are always free and confidential!

Our Method

Our process is streamlined and efficient so that you can get the tests you need –– when you need them. In most cases you’ll be able to set up a test within minutes after calling one of our knowledgeable counselors. And the tests themselves normally last a mere 10-15 minutes.

All services are pre-paid and registration is completed over the phone, thus eliminating unnecessary, extra time at the lab. From there your results will usually be available in 1-3 business days. You’ll have the option of checking for your results online, calling in for them, or you can choose to have us follow up.

Why Testing Matters

There’s an unfortunate stigma in our society that still exists toward people with STDs –– mostly because of where and how testing has typically been offered and administered. We’re working to help eliminate those biases so people of all walks of life can get the tests they need quickly, accurately, and affordably –– without having to worry about anything other than maintaining their health.

The truth about STDs is the fear of discovery–– in many instances –– is greater than the fear of infection. Though it defies all logic, some people would rather remain oblivious to their sexual well-being than take the time to get tested. We can’t stress this enough: foregoing regular STD tests because of nerves isn’t a healthy or wise choice to make. All sexually active individuals need to get tested for STDs regularly. Why? Here’s four quick reasons:

  •      STDs are most dangerous when left untreated. Simply identifying an STD and receiving the proper treatment for it can prevent a whole host of major issues related to STDs.
  •      The safety of your partner. If you care about your sexual partners –– past, present, and future –– you need to get tested regularly.
  •      Many STDs can cause complications during childbirth. So all expecting mothers should get tested at least once during their pregnancy.
  •      STDs are often asymptomatic. Even if you “think” you’re STD-free, the only way to know for sure is to get tested.

At Same Day STD Testing, we understand that there are a large number of myths and misconceptions regarding STDs. Indeed, even those within the medical community aren’t always up-to-speed on the most relevant news surrounding STDs. That’s why we work to provide resources on our website with the most up-to-date, accurate information. Be sure to check out our FAQs page and read our latest blog!

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