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    • 31 JAN 18
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    What to do if You Think You Have an STD

    What to do if You Think You Have an STD

    It’s one of the last things you want to think about; we get it. However, because most people don’t like to consider the possibility of getting an STD, they tend not to have a plan if they actually contract one. And that remains true even though millions of people in the US get an STD

    • 12 MAY 17
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    Quick vs. Quality STD Testing: What you need to know

    When it comes to STD testing, all results are not created equal. There are highly accurate results available from some groups, and some facilities/retailers that provide testing products which have been proven to not be quite as accurate. Maybe faster, but less accurate. And this is your health we’re talking about here. Not getting a

    • 30 MAR 17
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    Better Safe Than Sorry

    “I’m not having any symptoms, so I don’t think I need to get tested.” This is a famous phrase and a common preconceived notion. Why wait for that surprise Herpes outbreak? I hear many patients say that they have been taking over-the-counter medicine because they think the discomfort during urination is just a UTI, or

    • 02 NOV 16
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    Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

    The scariest words that I can hear from a patient are “I have been looking on the Internet and think I have symptoms of….”  Let me tell you that is the recipe for disaster.  If you look up a hangnail on a medical site, you will have convinced yourself that you will be dying within

    • 12 OCT 16
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    My First Time

      My first experience with STD testing wasn’t the most pleasant. In fact, it went so “well” that I didn’t even go through with it. I went to my primary care physician for my yearly physical before moving out of state. It was just a normal overall checkup, and he asked if anything was bothering

    • 20 JUL 15
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    Omaha combats rising STD rates with graphic billboards.

    Omaha combats rising STD rates with graphic billboards.

    Omaha launches what can easily be called the country’s most disgusting ad campaign – targeting a rising STD rates… A graphic sexual health campaign aims to combat rising STD rates in Omaha, Neb., by grossing out young people with giant flesh-and-pus letters that deliver off-putting puns. Billboards and bus posters around the city, as well

    • 27 JAN 14
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    Vintage STD Pictures

    Here are some great examples of vintage STD pictures. These are very interesting and a great look at views of STDs many years ago. You can view more galleries at Non Profit STD Testing of STD pictures by browsing through the website.  

    • 16 MAR 12
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    STD/HIV Awareness Events Information

    STD and HIV awareness events are important to stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Many awareness days and months span the entire year. This is a list of the main STD and HIV awareness days and when they occur. STD Awareness Month April National HIV Testing Day June 27th National Women adn Girls HIV/AIDS

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