Can Mosquitoes Transmit STDs?

Now that we’ve moved past Memorial Day in the calendar, it’s safe to say we’ve transitioned once again from spring to summer. And with the advent of summer upon us, everyone can look forward to all of the barbecues, backyard parties, and trips to the local swimming hole that are sure to follow. However, for as fun as all of those activities are, the accompanying mosquitoes are, by contrast, quite the drag. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can prove to be more than just an itchy pest; indeed, mosquitoes are historically known to carry some deadly diseases. Which leads us to our STD-myth-busting question of the moment: can mosquitoes transmit STDs?

Short Answer: No

Though there have been a number of speculative accounts, rumors, and bizarre one-offs over the years, there’s really no evidence to support the fact that mosquitoes can carry HIV –– let alone any other human venereal disease. It’s understandable why someone might be worried about it, though. After all, mosquitoes have been known to carry such harmful diseases as malaria, West Nile, and the headline-grabbing Zika virus. While it’s natural then to assume that mosquitoes could carry blood-borne STDs, the science of the matter largely refutes the possibility of mosquitoes spreading STDs among the human population.

Why Mosquitoes Can’t Transmit STDs

Let’s tackle the big one first. Mosquitoes can’t transmit HIV for one significant reason. As this article from Scientific American explains, HIV relies on human T cells to replicate. But when a mosquito sucks the blood from a person and ingests it, its system doesn’t carry any T cells. Mosquitoes are so biologically disparate to humans that the virus is therefore unable to replicate and then broken down within the mosquito’s “gut.” Similarly, mosquitoes are not suitable hosts for other STDs either. (Good rule of thumb to remember: STDs are called sexually transmitted diseases for a reason. So in most instances, commonplace activities won’t contribute to their proliferation.)

Practicing Smart Habits

One big problem regarding STDs is that so few people actually understand them. Yet huge numbers of people are unwittingly contracting and transmitting STDs every day. Though it may be embarrassing or uncomfortable at first, it’s essential that you as a sexually active individual take the time out to properly educate yourself on STDs. It could make all the difference one day.

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

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