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No, we do not offer free STD testing. We offer the most scientifically advanced and comprehensive STD testing available while providing confidentiality and privacy for you! We do however accept HSA & FSA, credit & debit cards for payment.

Latest News

    • JUNE 6, 2018
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    How Long Does an STD Test Take to Come Back?

    How Long Does an STD Test Take to Come Back?

    In terms of anxiety, few experiences match the nerves of having to wait for the results of an STD test. Even though getting tested is the responsible decision, it doesn’t make the wait for an STD test result any less stressful. Indeed, often worse than the waiting itself is the uncertainty of the whole process.

    • JUNE 4, 2018
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    STD Statistics by Age: Analyzing the “Big 3”

    STD Statistics by Age: Analyzing the “Big 3”

    Professionals in the medical field have long lamented the inability to accurately measure the prevalence of STDs within the population. One big stumbling block to arriving at accurate STD statistics is the fact that many people who have STDs don’t even know it. What’s more, you can’t tell if someone has an STD just by

    • JUNE 1, 2018
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    Why STD Testing Is Important [Radio Interview]

    Why STD Testing Is Important [Radio Interview]

      Recently, Wellex President and CEO Shannon Shores joined host Ellie Wharton on Radio 63119 in St. Louis to discuss STD testing and sexual wellness. Shannon and Ellie covered a lot of ground in regard to STDs, including: misconceptions about STDs, the wide range of people who are affected by STDs, and some of the

    • JUNE 1, 2018
    • 0
    How is Syphilis Transmitted?

    How is Syphilis Transmitted?

    Often, the fear of the unknown is a lot worse than the reality of a situation. Such is the case with syphilis. Syphilis is a common STD that can cause major damage to a number of internal systems –– if it’s left undiagnosed and untreated. So while it poses a major threat as a disease,

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