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Do we offer Free STD Testing?

No, we do not offer free STD testing. We offer the most scientifically advanced and comprehensive STD testing available while providing confidentiality and privacy for you! We do however accept HSA & FSA, credit & debit cards for payment.

Latest News

    • FEBRUARY 10, 2020
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    How to Find STD Testing Without Insurance

    How to Find STD Testing Without Insurance

    STDs pose a serious threat to health and wellness for everyone. So it’s easy to see why so many people are concerned about the possibility of STD contraction. Whether you’ve noticed common STD signs and symptoms or you’re nervous after a recent sexual encounter, thinking you might have an STD is a scary prospect. What’s

    • FEBRUARY 6, 2020
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    Can You Get an STD Even if Neither Partner Has One?

    Can You Get an STD Even if Neither Partner Has One?

    STDs don’t appear out of thin air. Though STDs are very common, there are only a few ways that most STDs can spread. In other words, the only way to get an STD is from someone else. STDs don’t manifest in the human body naturally. So if you’re in a relationship, can you get an

    • FEBRUARY 5, 2020
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    Can You Get an STD from a Virgin?

    Can You Get an STD from a Virgin?

    Sex, sexuality, and STDs are often misunderstood. At Same Day, we’re used to fielding all sorts of questions about STDs and STD transmission. Plain and simple, there are a lot of myths and misinformation regarding STDs. As always, though, we aim to set the record straight little by little. Today, we’ll address our latest FAQ,

    • JANUARY 13, 2020
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    STD Testing: What to Expect

    STD Testing: What to Expect

    Though millions of people currently have an STD –– and millions more are at-risk for contracting an STD –– many individuals have never had an STD test before. This is understandable to some degree. STD testing can seem scary, invasive, or even shameful. Yet, the reality is quite different. STD testing is safe, confidential, and

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