Why a Herpes Self Test Isn’t Reliable

The last thing most people want to do is discuss their sexual health with a stranger. Indeed, STDs cause all sorts of emotional distress and anxiety, which is why “at-home” tests carry such appeal. After all, what could be better than performing a discreet test from the comfort of your own bathroom? Unfortunately, self-test kits rarely provide individuals with the answers they desperately need. Today, we’ll explain why a herpes self test isn’t the best option for those concerned about their sexual health. Plus, we’ll share a few viable alternatives so you can make smart decisions to prevent the spread of STDs.

Herpes Tests Are Complicated

Unlike tests for certain bacterial diseases like chlamydia or gonorrhea, which only require a urine sample, blood needs to be drawn to accurately test for herpes. So unless you’re willing to draw your own blood or collect a cell cluster from a herpes sore, we’d recommend steering clear of a herpes self test. Note also that it can be difficult to attain a viable sample from a herpes bump in the first place.

False Results are Dangerous

False positives and negatives can occur even under the best of circumstances. However, doctors and other medical professionals are adept at identifying results they don’t trust, and will usually advise their patients to take a test again if they’re concerned. At-home tests have no built-in safeguards, and, as such, false negatives in particular present a major problem. Yes, a false positive is distressing, but not receiving treatment for an STD can lead to a host of health problems down the road including infertility, organ failure, and death.

At-Home Tests Don’t Provide Support

What happens if you test positive for herpes? With a home-testing kit, many won’t know what to do in the aftermath of their test. Is herpes dangerous? Should they see a doctor? Are there treatments available? The kit won’t be able to answer any of those questions. Thankfully though, if you visit a testing facility near you, professionals will carefully explain all the implications of your test results.

Self-Tests Aren’t Comprehensive

Even if a herpes self test functions perfectly and you receive a certified negative test result, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re STD-free. It’s easy to misdiagnose one STD for another, and since most testing kits can’t test for a wide variety of infections, you could have another STD besides herpes and not know about it.

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

At Same Day, we understand the importance of privacy in STD testing. That’s why we only use the most discreet methods to process and administer STD tests. When you visit one of our facilities, you won’t have to deal with long lines or awkward questions; instead you can get access to the best tests on the market and we’ll provide you with the results as fast as possible. Contact one of our representatives today here at 844-394-8520, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Or, if you’re ready to get tested today, find a lab near you here.

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