Does Insurance Cover STD Testing?

As more and more Americans become aware of the need to receive regular STD tests, it’s only natural that many would wonder about insurance providers potentially covering the costs associated with STD testing. It’s also understandable that people would like to see their health insurance foot the bill for this vital service. However, there are certain aspects to seeking out insurance-covered STD tests that few fully appreciate. In fact, sometimes getting STD tests through your insurance may not be the wisest decision given your situation. So to put the question, “does insurance cover STD testing?” to bed once and for all, here’s everything you need to know about STD testing and insurance plans:

Does My Plan Cover STD Testing?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to answer this question except on a case-by-case basis. Some insurance plans do cover STD tests –– and to be fair, that number has risen over the past decade. Note though, that not all packages cover STD testing. Additionally, some insurance plans will cover certain STD tests, but won’t cover all procedures like preventative screenings. At the end of the day the only way to know for sure about your insurance plan is to speak with your provider.

Overlooked Drawbacks of STD Testing Through Insurance

It’s reasonable for people to want to get tested through their insurance. After all, why would someone go out of their way to pay for something when they can get it for free? Well, the truth is getting an STD test through your insurance can prove more costly than it might first seem. In addition to having to cover doctor’s fees and administrative costs, you’ll also have to pay for your lab-testing session. So really, you won’t be saving all that much –– if anything –– by choosing to pay through your insurance. Still, the biggest drawback of pursuing insurance-covered STD tests is the loss of confidentiality. When you get tested through your insurance, your provider will have access to the results of your tests. Furthermore, the results of your test will also appear on your permanent medical records and could end up raising your premiums.  

Inconvenience of Free Clinics/Doctors’ Offices

Often when people try to solicit an STD test from their doctor, they run into issues they weren’t expecting to deal with. And even if your doctor is willing and able to provide you with STD tests, they may not have access to the proper testing equipment needed. Which means you’ll be stuck waiting for your test results. Similarly, free clinics can force patients to deal with long lines and a complete lack of privacy. Plus, because of the way these clinics operate, you may or may not qualify for free testing based on your income.

A Word From Same Day STD Testing

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