• SEPTEMBER 20, 2023
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    Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

    The scariest words that I can hear from a patient are “I have been looking on the Internet and think I have symptoms of….”  Let me tell you that is the recipe for disaster.  If you look up a hangnail on a medical site, you will have convinced yourself that you will be dying within

    • AUGUST 17, 2023
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    The symptoms of genital herpes virus

    The symptoms of genital herpes virus fluctuate drastically from one individual to another, with many different men and women getting zero recognizable symptoms (asymptomatic). Herpes is one of the most popular sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including oral and genital herpes. generally evolves inside of two to twenty days following initial exposure may continue on as

    • JULY 13, 2023
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    Are my cramps and boating caused by an STD?

    Yes, STD’s can cause Cramps and Bloating! Cramps and bloating can be attributed to a variety of health conditions, ranging from indigestion to menstruation, but it’s important to be aware that these symptoms can sometimes point to a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: Both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are bacterial infections that can cause

    • JUNE 6, 2023
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    Is That Pesky Post-Sex Itch Ruining Your Bliss? Let’s Find Out Why!

    Alright, fellas! We’ve all been there – you just had a fantastic, passionate romp, and suddenly, you find yourself with an unbearable itching sensation down below! Cue the awkwardness and confusion, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common causes of penis itching after sex, and remember, understanding

    • MARCH 30, 2017
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    Better Safe Than Sorry

    “I’m not having any symptoms, so I don’t think I need to get tested.” This is a famous phrase and a common preconceived notion. Why wait for that surprise Herpes outbreak? I hear many patients say that they have been taking over-the-counter medicine because they think the discomfort during urination is just a UTI, or

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