Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

The scariest words that I can hear from a patient are “I have been looking on the Internet and think I have symptoms of….”  Let me tell you that is the recipe for disaster.  If you look up a hangnail on a medical site, you will have convinced yourself that you will be dying within the next 10-12 days.  But before you start planning your funeral, you should consider STD testing especially given all the unusal information on the Internet! 

>We understand that this is an important decision and we want to make sure that you get the test that’s best for you and your health. Testing is time-sensitive and needs to be geared towards your situation.

We also understand that once testing begins anxiety can set in.  Many patients run through the “what ifs” in their heads.  The scariest part is not knowing.  This is why when you order, most of the time we can set you up to go immediately into the lab with your results are available within 1-3 business days.  Best of all, if you need treatment, we can facilitate that as well and get you back to enjoying your best life

So do yourself a favor…don’t “self DIE-agnose.”  Peace of mind is they best way to relieve stress and anxiety.  

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