World AIDs Day Information

What is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day is a great opportunity for people worldwide to network and work together to fight against the HIV virus.

When is World AIDS Day?

December 1st of every year events takes places all over the world to bring to light the worldwide effects of HIV and AIDS.

It is reported that rates of new HIV infections are slowing,  but we still have to take care of those are are already infected and those that will become infected in the future.  AIDs like other sexually transmitted disesases (STDs) may be asymptomatic until a person’s health declines and the person can determine why.  HIV testing helps individuals get accurate knowledge about their sexual health.  Detecting a HIV infection is important to stopping the damage that HIV can cause.

That’s why people choose to test for HIV/AIDS whenever they get tested as a precautionary measure. We highly recommend being safe and taking the steps necessary to prevent getting infected. The old adage is still correct: An Ounce of Prevention always beats a Pound of Cure.

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