Why You Shouldn’t Use Natural Remedies for STDs

Look, we get it. We understand why a person with an STD would value a natural solution to their problem. However, the harsh reality is, natural remedies for STDs do not work. Period. We can’t stress this enough: don’t spend your hard-earned money on supplements, vitamins, or other substances online that purport to cure STDs. They don’t. The only way to treat STDs is through antibiotics and antiviral drugs prescribed by a doctor. Below, we’ll explain how you can get tested and treated safely and securely –– and underline why pursuing a natural STD remedy is a horrible idea.

Debunking Home Remedies for STDs

It would be fantastic if  you could use everyday items to treat STDs. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. Take a cursory search across the internet, though, and you’ll find dozens articles and videos broadcasting ways to treat STDs “naturally” with things like ice, baking soda, lemons, apple-cider vinegar, supplements, oil extracts, and (our personal favorite) garlic. Rest assured that though it may be Halloween, chlamydia is nothing like a vampire and garlic won’t help you get rid of it.

Sadly, many people fall for these “natural” treatments. If someone is worried they might have an STD, it’s easy to see why they may cling to these supposed cures to avoid the embarrassment of getting tested.

What’s more, just because STD symptoms subside after the application of a natural remedy, it doesn’t mean that the treatment was successful. Often, STD symptoms will lessen or disappear over time; this doesn’t meant the STD has been dealt with, though. Far from it, actually.  

What’s the Harm in Natural Remedies?

Some people may attempt home remedies for STDs before seeking out professional assistance. The danger in this practice is that individuals could confuse STD symptoms going away with the eradication of the infection. The two are not the same, however. In reality, STDs like syphilis will enter a “latent” phase, but will persist within your system –– sometimes for decades at a time. Furthermore, leaving STDs untreated can lead to a myriad of health risks and even potentially life-threatening conditions. Lastly, though some websites pushing these natural “remedies” may simply be misinformed, others may have more nefarious intentions. Beware of websites attempting to sell frightened individuals ineffectual products because they very well could be scams. (Check out this article for further reading on that very subject.) Unless a doctor prescribes it to you –– don’t trust it!

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

For many years, getting tested for STDs was an intrusive, frustrating, and occasionally shame-filled experience. At Same Day STD testing though, we’ve worked to create a testing environment centered around a positive visitor experience. When you get arrive at one of our state-of-the-art labs, you’ll not only receive the most comprehensive tests available, you’ll also enjoy complete privacy and anonymity. No insurance forms, no waiting in lines, and no awkward questions. You can contact one of our team members here at 844-394-8520 to ask any further questions you may have, or else find a location near you and get tested today!

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