Where to get an STD Test: A Stress-Free Guide

Uncertainty is never a good thing. And it’s especially unnerving in regard to STDs. Indeed, one of the worst feelings anyone can experience is doubting their well-being after a sexual encounter. As such, it’s probably not surprising that many people are reticent to get themselves tested; after all, there’s so much misinformation regarding STDs and that confusion can lead people to make ill-informed decisions. However, remember that what you don’t know about STDs can hurt you. The good news is, you’ve got plenty of options to get tested for STDs and STIs. Here’s a brief guide of your options on where to get an STD test:

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

Most people don’t realize it, but you can get yourself tested for STDs at your local physician’s office. Typically, doctors will perform a physical to accompany the test and will also require you to answer questions about your recent sexual activity. Do note though, that general-practice doctors tend not to have a speciality in STD testing. And while most insurance plans will cover tests once symptoms are apparent, the same is not the case if you aren’t exhibiting traditional symptoms of an STD.

Planned Parenthood

Chances are, you’re closer to a Planned Parenthood location than you think. With over 650 health clinics nationwide, this non-profit organization provides service to roughly 2.5 million people every year. And that includes STD testing.

Self-Test at Home

If for whatever reason, you’re not able to physically leave your home to seek out STD testing, there are options available for at-home STD testing. In general, these tests are simple and safe –– however, their effectiveness is questionable. By their very nature, at-home STD tests are much simpler than more traditional testing methods. So it’s unlikely you’ll be able to say for sure if you’re negative or positive for an STD based on an at-home test. Take these results with a pinch of salt and make sure to plan a separate test to corroborate your results.

Testing Clinics

If you really want to put your mind at ease, then check out an STD testing clinic near you. These facilities boast the most comprehensive tests, with the most qualified staff, and will get your test results back to you quickly, efficiently, and confidentially. Just like any other problem you face, if you want the best results, you should consult a specialist.

A Word From Same Day STD Testing

Apprehension of something is often much worse than the actual reality of it. So if you’re feeling nervous about scheduling an STD test, don’t be. It’s much worse to continue on not knowing about your well-being; plus you owe it to your loved ones and partners to ensure your health. Fortunately, in Same Day STD Testing you’ve got a valuable ally on your side. We’re here to help! Call us today at 844-394-8520 for a free and confidential consultation. You’ll feel much better once you do.

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