STDs and Pregnancy: 5 Things Expecting Mothers Need to Know

STDs are a frightening enough prospect under normal circumstances. However, women who are expecting or who are trying to become pregnant have even more to worry about. That’s because STDs present a threat to both mother and child. Indeed, STDs can cause a number of birth complications and other postnatal issues as well. Fortunately, mothers and mothers-to-be can combat and prevent STDs in a number of ways. Here are five things about STDs and pregnancy all mothers should know:

You Can Get an STD During Pregnancy

Just because you’ve tested negative for STDs before your pregnancy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll remain STD-free throughout your gestation period. In truth, pregnant women can contract STDs just like anyone else. What’s more, having sex without using condoms can increases the risk of STD transmission.

STDs Are Largely Asymptomatic

Many people with STDs don’t even know they have them. As such, mothers-to-be shouldn’t assume that just because they haven’t exhibited any symptoms they don’t have to worry about STDs. In fact, some STDs can remain in your system for months or even years without manifesting blatant signs or symptoms.

You Can Pass an STD to Your Baby

If you have an STD and become pregnant, you can transfer that disease to your child. Often, babies will contract an STD after passing through an infected birth canal. However, certain STDs –– like HIV –– can pass from mother to child before birth occurs. Infants born with STDs are at risk for eye infections, pneumonia, joint infections, and issues with internal organs. In some instances, STDs can cause premature birth, ectopic pregnancy, or miscarriage. STDs can also prove fatal for newborns.

STD Tests are Safe and Necessary

Some women may be hesitant to request STD tests while pregnant, but the truth is it’s vital to your health and the health of your child to get tested throughout your pregnancy. Despite any fears or concerns you might carry about STD tests, mothers should know that they are safe and, in reality, necessary.

You Can Get Treated for STDs During Pregnancy

If you test positive for an STD it doesn’t mean your child will automatically have the disease also. In fact, if you seek treatment before your due date, doctors can completely eradicate certain bacterial infections. Plus, even viral diseases like HIV can be managed to lower the risk of transmission from mother to child. Without treatment, the chances of HIV spreading to the fetus or being passed during birth are significantly higher than with it.

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

When it comes to your health –– and the health of your little one –– you can never be too careful. If you’re concerned at all about your sexual well-being heading into a pregnancy then give us a call today here at 844-394-8520. We have years of experience and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Note you can also find a testing facility near you today and get access to the most advanced tests on the market in a discreet, friendly environment. We’re here to help, so reach out if you need it!

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