Pubic Itching: 6 Common Causes

There are few things more irritating than a constant itch. What’s more, experiencing a bad itch in the pubic area is particularly vexatious. Unfortunately, pubic itching can occur for a number of reasons, and determining the cause of pubic itching can be difficult. With that in mind, today we’ll focus on six common reasons for pubic itching. Plus, we’ll share what you can do to ensure your well-being and treat genital itching:

#1 Jock Itch

Unsurprisingly, jock itch can trigger intense irritation and itching in the pubic region. Jock itch is a fungal infection that thrives in damp, moist environments. Jock itch is contagious, and you can get it by sharing towels, clothes, or through close contact with another person. On the plus side, it’s fairly straightforward to treat and cure jock itch with anti-fungal medication.

#2 Allergies

Allergies to certain fabrics, chemicals, lotions, lubricants, soaps, and even natural fluids like semen can lead to genital itching. It’s a good idea to read and review the ingredients of any new skin care product before you begin use.

#3 Razor Burn & Ingrown Hairs

If you regularly shave your pubic region, then you may experience razor burn or ingrown hairs. Naturally, both can be itchy and irritating. However, it’s worth noting that razor burn and ingrown hairs can bear a striking similarity to certain STD symptoms.

#4 Skin Conditions

Psoriasis, eczema, and lichen planus –– just to name a few –– are skin conditions that may or may not affect the genitals. These are not STDs, but they may appear like them in the form of itchy red bumps on the body. Individuals with any of these skin conditions should consult a doctor for treatment options.

#5 Pubic Lice & Scabies

Pubic lice, also known as “crabs” are notorious for causing itching, irritation, and red bumps on the pubic area. Similarly, scabies is an irritation of the skin characterized by small red bumps caused by minuscule mites that burrow under the skin and lay eggs. Though both pubic lice and scabies are unpleasant and often spread as a result of sexual contact, but they are not technically STDs. Rather, you can spread or catch pubic lice and/or scabies simply through close (not sexual) contact with another person. Talk to your doctor if you suspect you have either pubic lice or scabies.

#6 STDs

STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea often lead to itching, stinging, or burning sensations inside the vagina or penis. However, HPV and herpes also cause small itchy bumps to form on the pubic area. In addition, STD symptoms may “come and go.” So never assume that you’re STD-free simply because symptoms have disappeared.

Internal Itching

Itching on or around the genitals often originates for different reasons from itching within the vagina, penis, urethra, etc. As such, if you experience tingling or burning sensations during urination or intercourse, it could mean that you have some type of infection –– like a UTI, a yeast infection, or an STD.

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

When it comes to your health and wellness, you really can’t be too careful. If you’ve experienced, itching, discomfort, or unusual bumps on or around your pubic area, then get tested for STDs as soon as possible. Getting tested now will allow you to find the right treatment and protect your well-being. At Same Day, we’re happy to answer any health-related questions, and you can reach one of our dedicated team members at 844-394-8520. Or, if you’re ready to get tested today, find a location near you here.

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