Is Male Discharge Normal?

While most symptoms of STDs are subtle, easy-to-overlook, or mild, discharge emanating from the penis is sure to attract attention. Indeed, unexpected penile discharge is enough to alarm anyone. However, male discharge can occur for a number of reasons. And its appearance, consistency, and smell also may also vary on a case-by-case basis. Is male discharge normal, though? Sometimes. Fluids like urine, ejaculate, pre-ejaculate, and secreted smegma are completely normal. However, any other form of discharge from the penis –– especially any containing pus or tints of blood –– indicates a problem. Below, we’ll explain the causes of male discharge and outline how you can protect your sexual wellness:  

Normal Male Discharge

As mentioned above, ejaculate, pre-ejaculate, urine, and smegma are all normal bodily functions. Pre-ejaculate may occur in conjunction with sexual arousal but before intercourse. And smegma, which is a secretion composed of dead-skin cells, is not an uncommon condition for uncircumcised men. Practicing proper hygiene will prevent and remove smegma.

Abnormal Male Discharge

Male discharge doesn’t have a uniform appearance, smell, or consistency. Yet, most of the time, unusual discharge is a symptom of some form of infection. That may or may not mean you have an STD. Non-STD conditions that produce male discharge include:

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) –– Though more common in women, men can develop a UTI as well. Individuals with a UTI most often experience pain during urination, itching, and a need to urinate frequently.  
  • Urethritis –– Also known as inflammation of the urethra, urethritis is not itself an STD, but is most often caused as a result of one. Symptoms include milky discharge and pain during urination.

STDs that Cause Male Discharge

There are three STDs that typically lead to penile discharge: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. If you experience penile discharge, pain or itching during urination, genital pain before, during, or after ejaculation, or if you experience any of the above along with other symptoms of STDs, then it’s likely you have an STD. Fortunately, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis are all curable! However, it’s important to remember that just because an STD is treatable, it doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Left alone, these STDs can lead to further health complications –– including infertility. Lastly, symptoms of STDs may stop after a while; don’t be fooled, though. STDs can remain dormant in your system for years. The only way to ensure your well-being is to get tested and treated by a medical professional.  

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

STD symptoms like penile discharge are difficult for most people to discuss in public –– even if they realize they need assistance. At Same Day STD Testing, we’re here to help. We design our process to protect your privacy, and you’ll never have to fill out an insurance form or wait in line all day to receive service at one of our facilities. Find one of them near you today! Or, if you have further questions, call one of our dedicated team members at 844-394-8520. Don’t hesitate another minute. Take action to protect your health now!

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