How to Find a Free STD Clinic Near You

One of the scariest feelings possible is needing an STD test, but not knowing what to do next. Unfortunately, scores of people across the country experience that anxiety every day. If you’ve never needed to get tested before, it can be quite unnerving to try and find a free STD clinic. Here, we’ll explain how you can find free STD testing near you, and where you can get tested today:

Planned Parenthood

There are over 600 Planned Parenthood locations in the US currently. So if you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are there’s a Planned Parenthood nearby. There are a number of misconceptions about Planned Parenthood, and one of them is that service is free. Rather, Planned Parenthood representatives base payment for STD tests on your age, needs, and income. On average, getting tested for several STDs can cost around $180 at Planned Parenthood. On the plus side, Planned Parenthood facilities can perform blood tests, and they have the capabilities to test for virtually every STD.  

Local Health Centers

Though this may come as a surprise to some, there are way more local health centers than Planned Parenthood locations –– roughly 13,000 nationwide! You can find a local health clinic by contacting your town (or city’s) health department. The bad news here is that local health clinics vary from location-to-location. Some are free, some aren’t. Some test for a wide range of STDs, some don’t. As such, it’s probably a good idea to call one before you schedule an appointment.

Colleges & Universities

Since college students are inordinately at risk for STDs, many college campuses offer free STD testing services for their students. Of course, you have to be enrolled at the university to gain access to those services. Also, costs, services, and practices will vary from campus to campus.

Non-Profit Organization Centers

Some non-profit organizations –– most notably LGBT groups –– have set up free testing clinics in many different areas. Obviously, non-profit groups provide free services, but, as we’ve said several times before, quality and range of service may differ based on the location you visit.

Where Can You Get Tested Today?

If you’re worried that you may have an STD, then, understandably, you want to get tested as soon as possible. Most of the time, though, free clinics don’t have the resources or the manpower to accommodate every patient. It’s not uncommon to have to wait hours –– or even days –– to get tested. What’s worse, is that just because you test negative for one STD, it doesn’t mean you’re STD-free. And many free clinics don’t have the technology to test for ALL STDs. Should you need to get an STD test ASAP, then there’s only one place to do go: After all, same day testing is our philosophy –– and our name!

A Word From Same Day STD Testing

Unlike free clinics, Same Day is able to offer the highest quality and most comprehensive testing methods at every single one of our locations. In addition, we ensure that you can get tested right away –– no crazy lines, no awkward interrogations. At Same Day, your well-being and privacy is our priority, and we go above and beyond for our visitors. Contact a representative at 844-394-8520 if you have any questions, or to find a lab near you, click here!

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