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Vaginal Bumps

Finding bumps or boils on or around the vagina can be an alarming experience for many women. And while some vaginal bumps are mostly innocuous, others can be a sign of a more serious condition –– including STDs. Below, we’ll explain every type of bump, pimple, boil, and rash that can appear on or around female genitalia.

Vaginal Pimples

It is possible to develop acne –– zits, pimples, boils (etc.) on or around the vagina. Vaginal pimples aren’t a major health threat, and they can be caused by a number of factors including poor hygiene or intense physical activity. However, small white bumps on the vagina may or may not be zits, but instead could be symptoms of an STD.

Other Causes of Bumps on the Vaginal Area

In addition to acne, several other common conditions may cause bumps to appear on the vagina, vulva, labia, and genital region in general. Ingrown or infected hairs are fairly commonplace –– especially if you shave regularly. In addition, skin tags (excess skin on the genitals) may appear abnormal but actually aren’t.

As women age, they may develop varicosities (varicose veins) on the vulva or vagina. Pregnant women are especially prone to developing vulvar varicosities. While these varicose veins can be painful, they don’t typically cause further health problems.

Lastly, some women may experience cysts on the sides of their vagina (Bartholin’s cysts) or cysts that form as a bump on the cervix (Nabothian cysts).

STD Bumps on the Vagina

Bumps on or around the vagina can be a symptom of several different STDs. It’s important to remember that

  1. STD symptoms can occur on virtually every part of the body, even within the genital region.
  2. STD symptoms can look similar to several of the conditions described above. And 3) STD bumps on the vagina are something you should take seriously.

HPV –– Genital Warts

Genital warts as caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) affect hundreds of thousands of people. In many cases, these warts are small, red, and won’t clear up with time. Some strands of HPV are completely harmless, but others –– known as high-risk HPV –– can lead to cervical cancer. In fact, nearly all cases of cervical cancer start with HPV. That’s why it’s important for all women to get vaccinated before they become sexually active.


Herpes often appears in the form of a cluster of small, red or white bumps, that may even look similar to a rash near the vagina. Herpes bumps are fluid-filled and they will go away after time. Many people may misidentify a herpes bump as an ingrown hair or a pimple. Remember, these STD bumps can manifest on the labia, vulva, vagina, or on the thighs, groin, or buttocks.


A syphilis sore, or chancre, will form wherever the infection entered the body. In many instances for women, that will mean on the vulva or within the vagina. Since the chancre may occur inside the vagina, many women will never notice any symptoms of syphilis in its first stage. However, if left untreated, syphilis can contribute to a number of serious health conditions.

Get Tested

Getting tested is the first, and best, way to deal with vaginal boils and bumps. Remember, it’s important to get tested as soon as possible. Early detection can help you manage chronic STDs and cure bacterial ones before they become a problem!

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