Exactly what factors must I consider while determining whether to get screened for STDs?

STDs are usually transmitted in 2 means:
· via mucous membranes from the vagina, penis, anus or even mouth area coming into contact with contagious body liquids, such as semen, vaginal fluid , and blood
· through skin-to-skin contact with sores or lesions. Skin -to-skin contact may involve genital-genital contact, oral-genital contact, or hand -genital contact

Methods of transmission differ for various STDs. Sexually Transmitted Diseases that are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact might be transmitted with no penetrative sexual intercourse, and contraceptives give merely partial safety (although they are usually certainly much better than not using contraceptives!).

You might want to get examined intended for Sexually Transmitted Diseases should you:
· experienced sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral, or anal) without a condom
· discovered a companion wasn’t monogamous
· happen to be sexually assaulted
· had the condom burst
· had many sexual companions
· realized that the prior or present-day partner has an Sexually transmitted disease
· found that a partner has been exposed to an Sexually transmitted disease

The volume of companions, how “secure” you have been, whether you’ve been vaccinated pertaining to hepatitis B, exactly what part of your body is involved in sex as well as the gender of the partner(s) really should be considered.

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