Common Causes of Testicular Pain

Unexplained pain anywhere on the body is a concerning and upsetting occurrence. But consistent discomfort on, in, or around the testicles is just about unbearable. It’s tough to think about –– let alone discuss. However, testicular pain could indicate a major health problem and even the presence of an STD. As such, if you’ve experienced testicular discomfort, you should seek medical attention right away. Here we’ll explore the many common causes of testicular pain:  

External Trauma

In plain language, getting hit in the groin can cause a great degree of pain in the testicles. What’s more, men who have recently had a vasectomy may also experience testicular discomfort. Some forms of hernia, like an an inguinal hernia, can cause a significant amount of testicular pain also.

Testicular Lumps

Lumps, cysts, and other pustules may form on or around the testicles and cause pain or discomfort. The causes of such lumps vary wildly and may be a result of a relatively benign condition like a spermatocele; alternatively a lump on the testicles may be a cancerous tumor. Only in rare instances will testicular tumors cause acute pain, though. Hydroceles may also form as a result of a sustained injury or infection.


STDs themselves don’t normally contribute to pain in or around the testicles. They can, however, lead to conditions like epididymitis, which is an inflammation of a tube located at the back of the testicles. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the two STDs that most often provoke epididymitis.

Testicular Torsion

This is a very serious medical condition that requires attention immediately. Torsions occur when the spermatic cord, which runs along the testicles, becomes twisted. The lack of blood flow to the testicles causes severe pain and potentially nausea, vomiting, and testicular necrosis. Testicular torsions can only be amended through surgical intervention –– and time is most definitely a factor for those suffering from a torsion.

Other Possible Causes

Kidney stones, the mumps, an inflamed prostate, orchitis, gangrene, and nerve pain as a result of diabetes may all induce testicular pain. There’s no way to briefly cover all the many possibilities of testicular pain; nor is it easy to classify different varieties of testicular discomfort. Some of these issues are relatively innocuous, while others are possibly life-threatening. Remember, self-diagnosis is never a good idea. And home remedies –– for STDs or any other malady –– are not a substitute for professional medical attention.

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

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