Can You Get an STD Without Being Sexually Active?

“STD” stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease, and, in the main, STDs occur as a result of sexual activity. This much should be obvious. However, it is possible to contract an STD without having sex. So even if you’re a virgin, you still could be at risk for contracting an STD. How can you get an STD without being sexually active? Here are a few common ways: 

Oral Sex

Back in 2010, roughly 80% of young adults surveyed didn’t consider oral sex to constitute “real sex.” And there’s a myth that the only way for someone to lose their virginity is through vaginal sex. This isn’t true. Both oral and anal sex are sexual activities, and they both carry the risk of STD transmission. In fact, certain STDs are even more likely to spread through anal sex than oral or vaginal intercourse.


Kissing, in contrast to oral sex, is not a sexual act. Yet, it’s still possible to contract or spread an STD through a kiss. Indeed, certain STDs can exist within the mouth or throat and may be spread through kissing. Oral STDs can also be spread to the genitals through oral-genital contact. 

Inheriting an Infection

Mothers can pass an STD on to their child during pregnancy, or, more often, during childbirth. STDs pose a major health threat to infants, and can cause miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or birth defects like blindness, deafness, or bone deformities. In some instances, infants may die as a result of an STD contracted during birth. 

Sharing Sex Toys

You can’t get an STD from masturbating with a sex toy straight out of the box. However, you can get an STD from masturbating with a shared sex toy. Trying to circumvent the risk of STDs by sharing sex toys isn’t safe and can lead to infection all the same. 

Sharing Needles

One major factor that contributes to the spread of HIV is the practice of sharing needles. Shared needles allow for HIV to enter the bloodstream. The unfortunate truth is that individuals using hard drugs like heroin may share needles despite the risk that they present. 

Blood Transfusion

Once upon a time, there was a genuine fear regarding the safety of blood transfusions, because it is possible to contract an STD as a result of receiving infected blood. Now though, the spread of STDs through blood transfusions is virtually unheard of. Donors are now tested for all infections that can be passed through the blood. 

Sharing Clothes, Towels

Pubic lice, or crabs, are not STDs –– strictly speaking. Nevertheless, it’s still not a good idea to share intimate apparel like clothes, underwear, towels, etc. because pubic lice can transfer from person to person without sexual contact occurring. 

A Word from Same Day STD Testing

Because STDs are so misunderstood, it’s possible to contract and then spread one without even realizing it. As such, all individuals should understand the risks STDs present, as well as their common symptoms. If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms –– whether you’re sexually active or not –– make sure to visit a testing center near you to get tested ASAP. Or, if you’re unsure at all, call us directly here 844-394-8520. One of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you take the appropriate steps to ensure your health. At Same Day, we’re working to take the stress and anxiety out of STD testing, which is why our facilities our designed to protect your privacy. 

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