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    Maturing Swingers at Overwhelming Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk

    Middle-aged lover swappers are generally more prone to end up contaminated as compared to prostitutes a new Dutch scientific study has found. All those untamed and even crazy evenings could be catching up with swingers while they get older, brand-new research found. Numerous not related medical related research has observed the fact that swingers aka-

    • 17 AUG 10
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    Exactly what factors must I consider while determining whether to get screened for STDs?

    STDs are usually transmitted in 2 means: · via mucous membranes from the vagina, penis, anus or even mouth area coming into contact with contagious body liquids, such as semen, vaginal fluid , and blood · through skin-to-skin contact with sores or lesions. Skin -to-skin contact may involve genital-genital contact, oral-genital contact, or hand -genital

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