• 14 MAY 10
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    The Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases is Worth Being Smart About Sex and STI Testing

    Sexually transmitted disease symptoms act like the ones brought on by different infections. Symptoms differ per each sexually transmitted disease, however they involve blisters or sores around or on your genital region or in your mouth, pain or burning while urinating, odd release from your vaginal area or penis, itching, inflammation, pain in or around the vaginal area or penis, soreness in your pelvic area or even stomach (occasionally together with chills or fever), or even blood loss besides ones menstrual period. If you have any of these symptoms, you might have an std, nonetheless they may additionally not signify anything major. Talk with one of our medical counselors right away and acquire about various examinations to be able to be safe.

    The best strategy to reduce obtaining an sexually transmitted disease is to not have intimacy. There are numerous various ways for being intimate in a very romantic relationship with out having sex. Try massaging, hugging, or kissing (this really is safe given that both partners do not have cuts or sores inside the mouth area (*note that another person can pass on herpes by kissing without having sores). If you do decide to have sex, you need to restrict the number of people you have sex with. You should also attempt to choose companions who have not really experienced sexual intercourse with many various other partners, who will have sexual intercourse just with you when you are together, and who may never have injected drugs.

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