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Greater Than AIDS Campaign Builds HIV/AIDS Awareness

March 16, 2012 @ 1:12 pm
posted by admin

GreaterThanAIDS logo 300x172 Greater Than AIDS Campaign Builds HIV/AIDS AwarenessLearn how you can be greater than AIDS at WE>AIDS website. The Greater Than AIDS movement is responding to the AIDS crisis and specifically focusing on the epidemic among Black Americans. The aim is to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS through a national campaign.

They have a powerful message and help from many celebrities and local health departments.


STD/HIV Awareness Events Information

@ 12:05 pm
posted by admin

STD and HIV awareness events are important to stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Many awareness days and months span the entire year.

This is a list of the main STD and HIV awareness days and when they occur.

STD Awareness Month

National HIV Testing Day
June 27th

National Women adn Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 10th

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 20th

World Aids Day
December 1st

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Feb 7th

Few Young Women Get Tested for Chlamydia

March 14, 2012 @ 1:46 pm
posted by admin

Sexually active young women are not getting tested for chlamydia. This overlooked problem can lead to more serious health concerns later down the road including infertility.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a new freshly released survey found that 38% of sexually active women and girls were screened for chlamydia in the year prior to taking the survey.

Preventive screening for chlamydia is important because the infection will often show no signs or symptoms in men and women.

On top of this news it is also being reported by the CDC that only a small fraction of men and women get the follow-up test once they have tested positive for a chlamydia infection.

Complications from untreated chlamydia:

  • chronic pelvic pain
  • ectopic pregnancies
  • infertility

syphilis28 207x300 Vintage STD Posters (86 PICS) From Back In The Day

Guild and scare tactics are used extensively throughout the collection. Some of the facts used in these posters are very far stretches of the truth.

If you were to believe a lot of these posters you would be to scared to even think of having sex.

Whats Up With Legal Paternity Tests?

February 4, 2012 @ 1:33 am
posted by admin

Whats Up With Legal Paternity Tests?

When dealing with a paternity test that can results in legal motion it is necessary that everybody included receives a legal and courtroom admissible paternity test. Most of these tests can be utilized inside a court docket of legislation and it is usually carried out on both equally mother and father. The reasons for acquiring paternity test can range from little one custody, child support, inheritance, or immigration

The choices Accessible to You

There are many companies that offer legal paternity testing and concentrate on this type of testing. Numerous legal experts and many others discover the will need for these tests. There are actually lots of legal paternity tests performed day to day and so are extremely uncomplicated to setup

When dealing with Legal Paternity Testing the main distinction between this as well as a home paternity test may be the sample selection. Furthermore to this the samples are examined by AABB accredited testing middle. A third get together collections the sample. This third party also checks identification and takes photos of all of the people testing.

The collection is quite straightforward. A easy to use buccal swab is swiped to the inside cheek then positioned in tiny envelopes. All folks associated also will have to sign files that say the samples obtained are suitable. The envelopes with all the DNA samples are then mailed to point out with the artwork labs that do double blind tests to the samples.

The moment the testing is finished within the labs the results are presented the into the business that initially set up the paternity testing. Results counselors at these corporations will provide the results to you too as mail all higher high quality legal files to the mailing address. Results are notarized documents which might be suitable in legal circumstances.

Legal DNA Testing is really a very significant issue and should be treated with care. A corporation that could answer your questions and assistance you recognize your complete process is vital. Make certain the test you receive is going to be legitimate and help you.